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Photo: Adam Razvi

Anna Zed is a Greek ­English singer­songwriter and guitarist based in London. Her soaring, plaintive vocals and chimerical guitar playing are at the forefront of an introspective and ethereal soundscape, echoing a host of influences including Patti Smith, Joni Mitchell, Jeff Buckley, Anna Calvi and The Cure.


Raised in Athens, Anna started learning traditional Greek folk music on the guitar. Having found her instrument and mode of expression she started moving through various styles, immersing and training in classical music, as well as jazz, blues and metal. She went on to study guitar at the Institute of Contemporary Music, London and composition and ethnomusicology at the New School, New York.


The winner of Best Of British Unsigned Female Artist 2015 brings out her eponymous debut EP on The Animal Farm label (TBA).

With husky vocals and rugged bluesy guitar licks, Anna Zed creates an immersive and powerful soundscape. 

The winner of Best Unsigned Female Artist 2015 is bilingual in English and Greek and sings in both languages. She was in Athens with traditional Greek music, and later moved on to study rock, jazz and blues on the guitar. She is currently based in London.

'A sensational vocal performance, presenting with great depth and emotion; an amazingly open and thoughtful set of lyrics. It’s beautiful, a real work of art' - Stereo Stickman

'Her music just takes you away to this place which other tracks can't really reach. If this hasn't picked your interest, nothing will'- Matt Graveling, Best of British Unsigned